Entry for Year 7 in September 2022

Hoe Valley will be admitting students into Year 7 in September 2022 as part of Surrey County Council’s coordinated arrangements. Therefore you will apply for a place through Surrey County Council using their online Common Application Form (CAF). Offers a made for on-time applications, by Surrey County Council on National Offers Day March 1st 2022. On National Offers Day parents/carers will be sent an email, or notification via the app ‘ParentComms’, with the outcome directly from Surrey County Council, usually from 5.00pm onwards. Applicants who applied on paper will be sent a letter via 1st class post. You must accept or decline your place with Surrey County Council by 15th March 2022. You are strongly recommended to accept the place you are offered, even if this is not for the school you wanted, as it will ensure your child has a school place in September. Accepting the offered place will not negatively affect your child’s position on any waiting lists for other schools, nor the outcome of any appeal. Declining the offer will not increase the chances of your child being offered a place at your preferred school. If you decline the offer and you have no alternative place you will be responsible for finding your child another school. The place you decline may be offered to another child so may not be available later if you change your mind. You are encouraged to provide a prompt response even if you wish to decline the offer. This will ensure that the place can be offered promptly to the next child on the waiting list and will prevent schools from having a vacancy for any longer than is necessary. If you do not respond to an offer, it will be withdrawn by Surrey County Council.

Full details of this process can be found on the SCC Website here
Information on Secondary Schools in Surrey is also available through Surrey County Council here

Our Admissions Policy for September 2022 admission can be downloaded here: HVS Admissions Policy 2022-23
The Supplementary Information (Child of Founder) can be downloaded here: Supplementary Form Child of Founder 2022-23
The Supplementary Information (Child of Staff) can be downloaded here: Supplementary Form Child of Staff 2022-23

In Year Applications for 2021/22

In Year Applications for admission in the 2021/22 academic years are handled by our Admissions Officer, Mrs Rebecca Knight. In order to make an application for In Year Admission to Hoe Valley School, please complete the SMA Form (School Managed Application) in full and return it along with all of the required additional evidence to:

Mrs R Knight – Admissions Officer
Hoe Valley School
Egley Road
GU22 0NH

These documents can also be emailed to

If you have any questions, please contact Mrs Rebecca Knight in the Admissions Office by email to You can also call directly on 01483 662627 option 3 for Admissions.

In Year SMA Application Form 2021-22
Guidance Notes – SMA Applications 2021-22

Our Admissions Policy for 2021-22 can be downloaded here: Admissions Policy 2021-22

As set out in our Admissions Policy, if you are applying for a place as either a member of Hoe Valley School staff, or as a Founding Governor of Hoe Valley School, you are required to complete a Supplementary Information Form, which can be accessed by the following links;

Supplementary Information Form – Child of Staff 2021-22
Supplementary Information Form – Child of Founder 2021-22

You can also access information and guidance on the general admissions process, both for Year 7 2022, and the in-year application process on Surrey County Council’s website here. Information on Secondary Schools in Surrey is also available through Surrey County Council here


General Information

The admission arrangements for Surrey’s community and voluntary controlled schools for 2021 and Surrey’s primary and secondary coordinated schemes for 2021-22, 2022-23 and 2023-24 were determined by Surrey’s Full Council.  The following documents, which set out Surrey’s arrangements, are available in full on the Surrey County Council website here: Surrey County Council Determined Admission Arrangements  


Please note that the HVS Admissions Office only operates during term time. You will not receive a response to applications submitted during school closure periods until school re-opens again.