Behaviour for Learning

Hoe Valley School has quickly built a culture of high aspiration, rigour and openness.  Visitors to the School often comment on the positive atmosphere at HVS which permeates from the staff and students and on the excellent behaviour displayed.  Our mantra is ‘no wasted learning time’ and as you walk around the School you can see this in all lessons.  The students are incredibly proud of the School and hold one another to account.

We have appointed exceptional teachers who know every child at the School individually and we will not compromise on the quality of teaching. All of our staff, including our administrative team, are committed to ensuring that there are no ‘lost’ or ‘average’ students and that the many talents our students have are identified and nurtured.

We have a vertical house system and our students receive CIRCLE Value points which feed into individual and collective recognition and rewards.  These include mufti days and trips to the cinema, bowling, laser quest and crazy golf.

Students have a Head of Year and a Tutor who are responsible for their academic progress and pastoral wellbeing.  They ensure students are organised and prepared for their learning and are also the first port of call for parents who wish to contact the School.

Our approach to behaviour for learning was designed with the students and is based on the principles of choice, respect, individual responsibility and providing opportunities to ‘fix’ problems to access a fresh start.  The image of a circle underpins the policy where students enter each classroom with a full circle.  Poor choices cause a gap in the circle.  Students are able to close the circle by addressing what went wrong, accepting the consequence and by therefore wiping the slate clean.