Arriving at School


Students should enter through their designated year group gates which will be opened to students at 8.15am each morning and the students will be greeted by Year Group Staff as they arrive. Parents should not accompany their child into school unless they have forms to drop off or specific questions for our staff. All students must be in school by 8.30am each morning.


We are fortunate that students live so close to the school and we therefore expect most of our students to walk, cycle or use their scooters to get to the site. This is better for the environment and promotes health and wellbeing. Parents should remind students, for their own safety, to take great care when crossing the Egley Road using the signalled pedestrian crossing at the main entrance pathway and helmets should be worn. Cycle and scooter racks are available in each Year Group entry point, as well as outside our main Reception area. Please ensure that students bring a lock with them. Please remind your child not to leave their bike or scooter in the public racks at Woking Sportsbox.



If you are dropping off your child by car, please enter the shared car park and park your car in a marked parking bay before letting your child get out of the car. Please do not attempt to drop off your child on the Egley Road or in the surrounding roads or the garden centre next door. Please take care to look out for other students being dropped off when you are driving through the car park. Students who arrive late after their Year Group gate has been locked should report to school reception. If you arrive by car early to collect your child at the end of the school day, pleas ensure that you park in a marked car parking space and do not wait in other areas of the car park. The car park is not owned or operated by Hoe Valley School, but is owned by Woking Borough Council and is shared use with the Woking Sportsbox.