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An increasing dependency on AI

As society is becoming more reliant on technology, AI softwares are being used more often by some than ever before, but many people are unaware of their capabilities. Whilst they can be immensely useful in many areas, are we relying too much on their skills and losing our creativity?

AI stands for Artificial Intelligence which is the development of computer systems designed to perform tasks usually done by humans such as speech recognition, decision making and many more. 

A survey by the Washington Post in February 2023, has revealed that many people are sceptical about the impacts that AI will have on the world of jobs, especially ones such as factory workers, which can easily be taken over by machinery. However, people are refusing to acknowledge the new variety of technology and data based jobs that will be opening up in the future and the opportunities this can bring us.

Why do people fear the effects of AI? AI claims to give an unbiased opinion but can we guarantee that there is no influence hindering what is said? Outside factors such as opinions of the people programming the software can have an effect on the biases associated with it. For example, facial recognition software can become racially prejudiced if the majority of programmers are white. This unintentionally creates a lack of diversity in the database.

ChatGPT, a well known AI, proves how humans are becoming more dependent on artificial intelligence, with the program effectively providing you with your next English essay. Take the image shown on the right, this was generated by AI in seconds. Students feel using such programmes will only affect their academic outcome, such as a better grade, when in fact their creativity is being ruined. Do AIs take the human touch out of certain tasks?

Furthermore, students are becoming more reliant on student loans for money due to the rapid rate at which technology is taking over 

jobs: in the past 5 years, service in McDonalds has gone from ordering in person to through a  screen. Those who used to serve would either be 

fired or moved to another position causing around 3 jobs to be lost per Mcdonalds building around the world.

Hooded figure with green text on a background intended to look like a hacker.

Image generated with DALL-E 2 (OpenAI model)

In addition, AI could have a significant negative impact on the environment. Training complex AI requires extreme amounts of energy, which in turn requires a lot of fossil fuels. In fact, according to the council of foreign relations, a single AI system can emit over 250,000 pounds of carbon dioxide, making us question whether this advanced technology is worth the high price.

Some people believe that government intervention is needed to help others who are dealing with the effects of AI in the workplace. Taking actions such as enforcing companies that heavily rely on technology to pay higher wages to their human workers over AIs or by increasing taxes to benefit those who are unemployed.
Overall, although the new developments of AI can open up new opportunities for society, we should think before we become completely dependent on technology. Afterall, could this article have been written by an AI?

By Isobel, Eva, Amelia, Felix, Darcy, Keaton and Henry.


Strikers struggling with support
NHS doctors take action


NHS hospitals have been striking due to lack of pay. Many people were angry due to the lack of communication with the government for help. Senior doctors and other workers within the NHS expressed that these strikes were a good thing and they needed higher pay for the jobs that they do. Many are worried about the severe injuries not being dealt with properly. 


We interviewed a pupil called Rayana in year 8, who is often in hospital. We asked her about her experience and she told us that: “When I visited the hospital, it was a long wait and the people who have serious injuries have to wait longer than the people with less severe injuries, I went in with a hand injury due to my arthritis. They gave me some tablets (ibuprofen and paracetamol) and sent me home.’  This sounds outrageous as that is too long for a severe injury. We then asked her what she would change about the system, she answered ‘They can be unorganised and trying to get an appointment can be more difficult than it needs to be, I waited for over 2 hours and felt like during that time my injury got worse.’


Furthermore we asked a year 8 student Mahad about his experience with the hospital he told us that ‘my mother has experienced the strikes and this made me and my whole family disappointed and scared,  she was very sick and I wanted my mum to be safe and healthy.’ We then asked Mahad what he would want to change, he told us ‘I would want better and loyal doctors.’  


Photo of the medical room at Hoe Valley School
By Chloe, Leah and Jenaya


The former Prime minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan, has been the target for many assassination attempts recently, triggered from his controversial rulings when he was Prime minister. Khan fought for free public healthcare: grew the economy; established Pakistan’s first cancer hospital; a technical colleague and made sure Pakistan was business-friendly,  well green-and-clean. So why has he been shot recently? Why is no one talking about it?


On the 3rd November 2022, Imran Khan was  again the target of an assassination attempt- not long after his ex- wife was accused of trying to take his life through food poisoning. During the former Prime Minister’s speech in Wazirabad, Punjab, he was shot multiple times in the shins, causing serious injuries to his legs. After intense medical care, Khan survived the assassination attempt, making a statement on the 25th of November that year: 


Pie Chart showing answers to if those questioned knew who Imran Khan is. 64.3% no, 7.1% yes, 28.6%* “I am so very lucky to be alive after the assassination attempt carried out earlier this month, I really shouldn’t have survived” * (Sourced from the Independent)


Khan told officials that this wasn’t the first attempt on his life, and that he feared more would happen.     


* “They want to either arrest or disqualify me because they are scared [of the fact] that my party is one of the most popular in Pakistan’s history* (Sourced from the Independent)


However, statistics show that most young people do not know who Imran Khan is, let alone are aware of the recents plots against him. So why is there no Western media coverage? Khan’s story is relevant in the media all around Asia, yet the West is ignorant of these events. Interesting.


82.4% No, 17.6% yesMajor media giants such as the BBC and The Guardian have been reporting about Khan, yet only minimally, and haven’t kept up with the latest news. This is another example of Eastern news never reaching the mainstream Western audience.

*Both quotes were sourced from The Independent, Friday 25 November 2022*

By Emma, Charlotte, Amber, Brinda,Dayyan,Dalmira, Jacob & Shahzaib


Gary Lineker – Villain or Honest Citizen? 

What’s the goal with Gary?

Overall, our team believes that Gary has been wrongfully dismissed and is a scapegoat for the BBC and speaking when others were afraid not to. 


Gary Lineker has recently made very controversial statements involving immigration and has caused an uproar involving the BBC and its personal opinions. BBC takes pride in itself by being neutral, allowing both sides of the political spectrum to follow the news about their country without favouritism. However, Gary Lineker from Match of the day has somewhat ruined this reputation. His tweet online compared the Conservatives approach to immigrants to 1930s Germany’ which is offensive to those inflicted by the Nazis. 

Line drawing of a BBC Reporter with tape over mouth

Gary Lineker remains adamant about his statement and refuses to apologise, sparking more controversy as both who agreed and disagreed with him continuously argue online. Although many people disagree with his statement, it is being criticised as the BBC should remain neutral.


 Why is Gary being heavily criticised?

 This may be due to his left wing position and position as a national treasure. Therefore, there may be a disproportionate amount of articles targeting him due to his reputation. Unfortunately for Gary, fellow BBC pundit Jeremy Clarkson made offensive and misogynistic comments about Meghan Markle and he received much less backlash. Gary expressed his objections, challenging the Government which may be the cause for the uproar.


Suella Braverman, The Home Secretary of the UK stated that “Enough is Enough. We need to stop the boats.” while expressing her views on illegal immigration. She stated that migrants coming into the country for shelter should be refused and therefore sent to a third world country like Rwanda. 

@GaryLineker There is no huge influx. We take far fewer refugees than other major European countries. This is just an immeasurably cruel policy directed at the most vulnerable people in language that is not dissimilar to that used by Germany in the 30s, and l'm out of order?

Our survey shows that the BBC has a wide range of audiences and emphasises how Gary Lineker’s comment is disfavoured as the BBC should appeal to all audiences as ⅓ are right wing, ⅓ are left wing and ⅓ are neutral (surveyed 6 students at Hoe Valley)


We interviewed Mr Groves at Hoe Valley and he stated that “ he doesn’t deserve the treatment” and believed “his opinions should be airtight with the BBC” Yet as Gary’s tweet was on his personal account many other people believe he should be allowed to express his opinion as it wasn’t reflective of the BBC.  

By Caitlyn, Harmonie, Elsie, Sean, Agastya

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