HVS are delighted to work in partnership with Innovate to provide school catering.

Covid-19 Catering Restrictions

Due to restrictions placed on us to operate in a Covid secure manner, our normal catering provision has been temporarily suspended. Our school kitchen is not able to offer breakfast, break time or after school dining options at present.

Lunch is served in 3 locations, in separated year groups and times, and due to this each lunch time we are serving a choice of a hot meal with vegetarian option or a jacket potato. Please click here to view our temporary 3 week rolling menus to the end of the Summer Term 2021. The Week 1 menu is for week commencing Monday 7th June and Monday 28th June, the Week 2 menu is for week commencing Monday 14th June and Monday 5th July, and the Week 3 menu is for week commencing Monday 14th June and Monday 12th July 2021.


Under normal circumstances, the following information regarding our catering service applies;

We will be offering a supervised breakfast drop-in each morning from 7.45am-8.15am, which is a calm way to start the school day.


Students will have the opportunity to buy healthy snacks at break time.


There will be a full range of healthy lunch options.



Snacks will be available at the end of the formal school day prior to after school clubs.


All food can be purchased using our cashless catering system, sQuid.

Are you eligible for Free School Meals?  Please click here to apply


For those of you who have students entitled to Free School Meals, the School will allocate funds to your child’s account each day to the sum of £2.45. You will not see this on your Parent Pay account and if it is not used, it does not roll over to the next day. You are of course welcome to add your own funds to your child’s account.

If you have not yet created a Parent Pay account for your child or you have any questions, please email and we will be able to help you.