We celebrated European Week of Languages in school to recognise the breadth and diversity of languages spoken within our community. It was amazing to visit Year 7 students having Cultural Breakfasts in their German lessons. Some of the breakfast items we saw included croissants, bread rolls, sandwiches and even some sushi!

In December, 46 of our Year 7 students will be visiting Aachen in Germany. Germany is famous for its Christmas markets and for a few weeks before Christmas, the centre of Aachen around the cathedral and town hall is transformed into a beautiful Christmas wonderland and we are delighted to give students the opportunity to see this. The students will be able to browse the many and varied Christmas market stalls, practice their German language skills and sample the many specialty foods. A guided tour of the Old Town and a visit to the Rathaus, as well as to the cathedral, a World Heritage Site, and the burial site of the Emperor Charlemagne will also be enjoyed.