International Schools Status – Summer 2023

Our Year 9 German Ambassadors were excited to receive a delivery of German sweets from the Nikolaus-Ehlen-Gymnasium in Velbert. The parcel exchange was part of the Cultural Exchange Ambassador Project from the UK-German Connection. The aim is to get the students to think about how sustainability is approached in both countries, to exchange ideas and learn from one another. Students have also created a shared Spotify playlist and had zoom calls.

We are delighted to be rebuilding partnerships with the Humboldtgymnasium in Cologne and to be working with Frau Cremer and her students. Yr9 and Yr10 students travelling to Cologne with Mrs Boniface in July have the unique opportunity to take part in a cross-curricular German and History project which will enable us to work collaboratively and reflectively with peers in Germany.
The project is based on the Stolpersteine in Cologne and Germany and will enable us to explore a more personal and reflective perspective.

First steps for Ambassadors:
1) Make sure you have completed your matching form and handed it in to Mrs Boniface by Friday 19th May 2023.
2) Frau Boniface and Frau Cremer will work together in half-term when they meet in Cologne to match you with a partner. We will work really hard to ensure you have lots in common. Frau Cremer is in the process of updating her School website.
3) Padlet work, Zoom work and letter exchanges will begin
4) We visit Cologne from 2nd to 7th July and will be able to develop our project further.
5) We begin to work together on a collaborative logo for our project.

Further info about Stolpersteine can be found here.