Severe Weather Procedure

In the event of severe weather, the School will make every effort to open as usual. It will implement the following plan.

A decision as to whether School intends to open or not that day will be made as early as practically possible. This decision will be based on the safety of the School site and the immediate surrounds as well as the ability of sufficient numbers of teaching staff to get into work.

Updates will be posted on the School website. Additionally, if the School is closed, all parents will be sent a text message informing you of this decision.

If the School is open, registration time will be extended and students should aim to arrive by 9am. If your son/daughter is not coming to School, please inform the School. We would urge you to do so via email at as you will appreciate the phone line is likely to be very busy with the School making arrangements.

If insufficient teaching staff are able to get to School to be able to have a safe ratios, it may be necessary to close the School. You will be informed by text and email if this is the case.

If the severe weather/conditions are forecast to continue during the day, it is likely that alternative lunch arrangements will be made, the formal School day will end at 2.45pm and there will be no after-School clubs. You will be informed by text and email if this is the case.