Personalisation and Pastoral Wellbeing

Ms Janette Wood SENCO & Teacher of English
Ms Sarah-Jane Gan Deputy SENCO
Ms Jacqueline Adams Cover Supervisor
Ms Tanveera Ahmed Cover Supervisor
Ms Sandra Cox Careers Advisor
Ms Beatrix de Jong Teaching Assistant
Ms Michelle Carden Senior Teaching Assistant
Ms Prerna Chadha Teaching Assistant
Ms Christine Mabbutt Teaching Assistant (EAL)
Ms Vicky Walshe Attendance Manager
Ms Nazia Hussain Teaching Assistant
Ms Natasha Johnson Deputy Mental Health Lead
Ms Nikki Kane Work Experience Coordinator
Ms Cecilie Ahrens Relational Support Worker
Ms Sheena Lucas Inclusion & Student Engagement Support
Ms Edith Yuen Teaching Assistant
Mr Chris Stapleton SENCO Assistant
Ms Leandri MacCarron Teaching Assistant
Ms Val O’Keeffe Inclusion & Student Engagement Manager
Ms Nicoleta Cotet Inclusion & Student Engagement Support
Ms Heather Sloan Teaching Assistant
Ms Philippa Watterson Counsellor
Ms Clare Weir Cover Supervisor