Behaviour for Learning

Hoe Valley School has quickly built a culture of high aspiration, rigour and openness.  Visitors to the School often comment on the positive atmosphere at HVS which permeates from the staff and students and on the excellent behaviour displayed.  Our mantra is ‘no wasted learning time’ and as you walk around the School you can see this in all lessons.  The students are incredibly proud of the School and hold one another to account.

We have appointed exceptional teachers who know every child at the School individually and we will not compromise on the quality of teaching.  We do not use cover teachers or agency staff.  This means all of our teachers know how to motivate their students and how to bring out the best in them.  All of our staff, including our administrative team, are committed to ensuring that there are no ‘lost’ or ‘average’ students and that the many talents our students have are identified and nurtured.

We have a vertical house system and our students receive CIRCLE Value points which feed into individual and collective recognition and rewards.  These include mufti days and trips to the cinema, bowling, laser quest and crazy golf.

Students have a Head of Year and a Tutor who are responsible for their academic progress and pastoral wellbeing.  They ensure students are organised and prepared for their learning and are also the first port of call for parents who wish to contact the School.

Our approach to behaviour for learning was designed with the students and is based on the principles of choice, respect, individual responsibility and providing opportunities to ‘fix’ problems to access a fresh start.  The image of a circle underpins the policy where students enter each classroom with a full circle.  Poor choices cause a gap in the circle.  Students are able to close the circle by addressing what went wrong, accepting the consequence and by therefore wiping the slate clean.

NGA Outstanding Governance Award

At a ceremony at the House of Commons on 21st May 2019, the School received a Highly Commended Award from Lord Agnew, Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for the School System, for Outstanding Governance in a Single School. The award was one of the National Governance Association’s (NGA) Outstanding Governance Awards 2019.

The NGA is the national membership organisation for state-funded school governors and trustees in England, and the awards run every 2 years to recognise the very best practice in school governance nationally and celebrate the role of governors. The NGA note that “Our finalists lead the way as exemplars of good school governance and have met rigorous judging criteria to reach the final.” In order to be considered for the award we had to provide a detailed case and a supporting statement from someone independent. Two judges then visited the school to question us on our practice, and inspect evidence.

The finalists in the Outstanding Governance in a Single School category had been chosen because they demonstrate the eight elements of effective governance, and have gone beyond the basics of their role to have a significant impact on the education provided to students in their schools.

The judges noted that Hoe Valley School is a demonstration of what a group of dedicated parents can achieve having turned our vision into reality and created a brand new school.  They were impressed that the board has consistently shown excellent capability to strategically manage all aspects of the school, utilising our experience and enthusiasm to best effect, and that trustees have not been afraid to make difficult decisions.

Below is the full statement from the judges

“Demonstrating what a group of dedicated parents can achieve by setting up their own free school, this board has turned a vision into reality. The board took the early decision to strategically oversee the development of the permanent site, allowing senior leaders to focus on ensuring an excellent standard of education. The permanent site opened in September 2018, four months after the school was deemed Outstanding by Ofsted. An indicator of the board’s success in engaging stakeholders throughout the project was an oversubscription for the third year of entry to the school. Trustees have not been afraid to make difficult decisions and the judges were impressed that board has consistently shown excellent capability to strategically manage all aspects of the school, utilising its experience and enthusiasm to best effect. “


Hoe Valley School is a Single Academy Trust registered at Egley Road, Woking  GU22 0NH


Member Appointment Date
Will Forster 7th January 2021
Claerwyn Hamilton-Wilkes 6th January 2014
Ken Henderson 6th January 2014
Alex Holmes 6th January 2014
Claire McDonnell 6th January 2014
Lynne O’Reilly 19th January 2015

The Governors

NameRoleDate of Appointment
Simon BakerSimon BakerChair of Governors10th January 2020
Karen PritchettKaren Bishop11th January 2019
Tina ClaphamTina Clapham 
(Parent Governor)
13th November 2018
Claerwyn Hamilton-WilkesClaerwyn Hamilton-WilkesSEND Governor6th January 2014
Ken HendersonKen HendersonVice Chair (Resources)6th January 2014
Adrian KaneParent Governor7th December 2020
Stella Kazamia20th May 2021
Rajeev MarwahaRajeev Marwaha10th January 2020
Claire McDonnellClaire McDonnell
(Parent Governor)
Parent Governor / Safeguarding Governor16th September 2016
Bob O’Keefe7th January 2021
Eti Vyas13th July 2021

All Governors are member-appointed except where noted, and have a Term of Office of 4 years from appointment.

You can contact the Chair of Governors by email at
Paper correspondence can sent to Mr Baker, clearly marked for his attention and posted to The Chair of Governors, c/o Hoe Valley School, Egley Road, Woking. GU22 0NH.

The Board of Governors meets formally three times per term. Once per term is a Full Governing Body (FGB) meeting at which the Board focuses on strategic matters and those matters requiring the formal consideration / approval of the FGB. Once per half term there is a committee meeting to which all governors are invited. Committee meetings are where the Board discharges its duties to hold the Head Teacher to account for the educational performance of the school and its students, and to oversee the financial performance of the school. The committee meeting in the first half of a term is chaired by the Vice Chair (Education), and the committee meeting in the second half of a term is chaired by the Vice Chair (Resources), but each committee meeting considers all aspects, allowing issues to be dealt with holistically.

In addition, the Board of Governors operates a Pay Review Committee to consider changes to pay policy, to review and approve changes in staffing structure and recruitment plans, and to conduct the annual pay review.

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Governor Attendance Record 2016-17
Governor Attendance Record 2015-16
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Register of Business Interests 2019-20
Register of Business Interests 2020-21
Register of Business Interests 2021-22

Support Team

Mr Simon Bell Senior IT Manager
Mrs Julie Birch Finance Administrator
Mr Terry Carr Premises Manager
Ms Tuija Heapes Receptionist
Ms Vicky Heritage HR Administrator
Mrs Louise Ingles Exams & Data Officer
Ms Lisa Johnston Receptionist
Mr Rob Kenny IT Technician
Mrs Rebecca Knight Admissions, Marketing & Compliance Officer
Ms Venice Lowers Premises Assistant
Mr Ryan Matthew IT Technician
Mr John Russouw Premises Assistant
Mrs Persefoni Sidira Receptionist
Mrs Claire Signe PA to the Head Teacher
Mrs Tracy Wright Events & Trips Coordinator, Lead First Aider, ELSA



Ms Katherine Mertens Head of PE
Ms Ellis Burns Teacher of PE
Mr Luke Collins Teacher of PE & Maths
Mr Will Finch Teacher of PE
Mr James Gregory Teacher of PE & Geography


Personalisation and Pastoral Wellbeing

Ms Janette Wood SENCO & Teacher of English
Ms Helena Bigham Deputy SENCO
Ms Jacqueline Adams Cover Supervisor
Ms Tanveer Ahmed Teaching Assistant
Ms Jasmine Asghar Teaching Assistant
Ngwebih Atungsiri Teaching Assistant
Ms Ellis Burns Advanced Teaching Assistant
Ms Michelle Carden Senior Teaching Assistant
Ms Lavinia Floca Teaching Assistant
Ms Megan Grossman Teaching Assistant
Mrs Jayne Hedger Attendance Officer
Ms Nazia Hussain Teaching Assistant
Ms Natasha Johnson Teaching Assistant
Mrs Dawn Jones Inclusion & Student Engagement Supervisor
Ms Sarah Kingswood Inclusion & Student Engagement Support
Ms Jessica Macro Teaching Assistant
Ms Ginger Mcdonald Teaching Assistant
Ms Yukiko Mulligan Lead Specialist Educational Support
Ms Lydia Oikonomou Teaching Assistant
Ms Val O’Keeffe Inclusion & Student Engagement Manager
Mr Allen Peppitt Teaching Assistant
Ms Sarah Simpson Teaching Assistant
Ms Philippa Watterson Counsellor
Ms Clare Weir Cover Supervisor
Ms Natalie Wilson Teaching Assistant


Performing Arts

Ms Josephine Parker Head of Performing Arts
Ms Ellie Blythe Teacher of Drama
Ms Charlotte Grimsey Teacher of Music
Ms Maria Vogler Teacher of Drama & English



Mrs Natalie Boniface Head of Languages
Ms Marion Connell Teacher of Languages
Mrs Jane Davies Teacher of German
Ms Adriana Duarte Lopes Teacher of Languages
Mr Will Inglis Teacher of Languages & Careers Lead
Ms Clare Weightman Teacher of Latin
Ms Saskia Engelmeier Languages Assistant – German
Ms Raquel Osuna Garcia Languages Assistant – Spanish
Ms Amelie Vierin Languages Assistant – French