Community & Enterprise

Mrs Caroline Sweryt Head of Community & Enterprise / Teacher of Creative Arts
Ms Karen Hibbett Teacher of Business Studies

Support Team

Ms Caroline Bassett Catering Supervisor
Mr Simon Bell Senior IT Manager
Mrs Julie Birch Finance Administrator
Ms Kirsty Boyle Catering Assistant
Mr Carlos Alves Catering Assistant
Ms Sasha Capon HR
Ms Kelly Chapman Catering Assistant
Mr Asier Elkoro Premises Assistant
Ms Tuija Heapes Receptionist
Ms Louise Ingles Exams & Data Officer
Ms Lisa Johnston Finance Assistant
Ms Alisha Kaffo Receptionist, Marketing Officer, Events & Trips Coordinator
Mrs Rebecca Knight Admissions & Compliance Officer
Mr Ryan Matthew IT Technician
Mr John Russouw Premises Manager
Ms Persefoni Sidira Receptionist
Mr Paul Siggers Catering Manager / Head Chef
Mrs Claire Signe PA to the Head Teacher
Mrs Tracy Wright Lead First Aider, ELSA
Ms Kirsty Evans Exams & Data Assistant
Ms Zoe Brosnan Catering Assistant



Ms Donna Still Head of PE
Mr Will Finch Deputy Head of PE
Mr James Gregory Teacher of PE & Geography
Ms Hannah Peterkin Teacher of PE & Geography


Personalisation and Pastoral Wellbeing

Ms Janette Wood SENCO & Teacher of English
Ms Sarah-Jane Gan Deputy SENCO
Ms Jacqueline Adams Cover Supervisor
Ms Tanveer Ahmed Cover Supervisor
Ms Jasmine Asghar Teaching Assistant
Ms Beatrix de Jong Teaching Assistant
Ms Michelle Carden Senior Teaching Assistant
Ms Prerna Chadha Teaching Assistant
Ms Megan Grossman ELSA
Mrs Jayne Hedger Attendance Officer
Ms Nazia Hussain Teaching Assistant
Ms Natasha Johnson Teaching Assistant
Ms Nikki Kane Work Experience Coordinator
Ms Cecilie Ahrens Home School Link Worker
Ms Sarah Kingswood Inclusion & Student Engagement Support
Ms Ella Marinca Teaching Assistant
Mr Chris Stapleton SENCO Assistant
Ms Leandri MacCarron Teaching Assistant
Ms Val O’Keeffe Inclusion & Student Engagement Manager
Ms Nicoleta Cotet Inclusion & Student Engagement Support
Ms Heather Sloan Teaching Assistant
Ms Carman Tamas Teaching Assistant
Ms Philippa Watterson Counsellor
Ms Clare Weir Cover Supervisor


Performing Arts

Ms Maria Vogler Head of Performing Arts
Ms Ellie Blythe Teacher of Drama
Mr Max Goldberg Head of Music



Mrs Natalie Boniface Head of Languages
Mrs Jane Davies Teacher of Languages
Ms Adriana Duarte Lopes Teacher of Languages
Ms Lavinia Floca Teacher of Languages
Mr Will Inglis Teacher of Languages & Careers Lead
Ms Clare Weightman Teacher of Latin




Ms Hilary Sparke Head of Humanities
Mr Conor MacCarron Deputy Head of Humanities & Head of PSHE
Miss Suzi Austen Teacher of History
Mr James Gregory Teacher of Geography & PE
Mr Robert Hockley Teacher of History
Mr Liam Lyons Teacher of RE
Ms Hannah Peterkin Teacher of Geography & PE
Ms Charlotte Urban-Marks Teacher of History & Head of Year 7


Creative Arts


Ms Fiona August Head of Creative Arts
Ms Zoe Martin Deputy Head of Creative Arts
Mrs Colleen Kelly Teacher of Art & Photography
Mrs Caroline Sweryt Head of Community & Enterprise / Teacher of Creative Arts
Ms Emma White Food Technician


Computer Science

Mr Paul Cummins Computer Science Teacher & Lead for Google Schools
Ms Veena Pillai Teacher of Computer Science


Ms Rachel English Head of Science
Ms Wendy Sales Mint Deputy Head of Science
Mr Daniel Groves Teacher of Science
Mr Paul Simon Teacher of Science
Mr Dion Singh Teacher of Science
Mr David Kimani Science Technician
Ms Eva Lopez Science Technician