The HVS6

To ensure the day to day experiences of our students meet our curriculum aims, we have identified six ingredients which we expect to see in our lessons.  Regular learning walks completed by all members of staff ensure that these are consistently evident in lessons:

  • HV6-1. Cognitive Science-derived strategies develop knowledge and skills, and metacognitive behaviours are facilitate
  • HV6-2. Learning time is maximised
  • HV6-3. Students are in the “challenge zone”. As many students as possible experience desired difficulties and find a pathway to success.
  • HV6-4. Quality questioning; questions are of high quality and a variety of strategies are used to maximise participation and challenge levels
  • HV6-5. Authentic extension of cultural capital. Opportunities to develop digital and work ready skills, Numeracy, Literacy, SMSC and an appreciation of the Big Picture are realised.
  • HV6-6. Students receive feedback in every lesson, which can take many forms